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History of roulette

Roulette can trace its origins all the way back to 18th century France when it was almost discovered by accident. Mathematician and inventor Blaise Pascal was attempting to construct a perpetual motion machine and the wheel that he was working on eventually became adapted to provide the game that we all love today.

It’s said that the game, as we now know it, was first played in 1796 and over the years it has developed to include live roulette both online and at land based casinos. It’s always a popular option away from the card tables and there are a number of different versions that you can play.

Types of roulette

The most common form throughout the history of roulette is the European variant. If you are only vaguely familiar with the game then this is the version you will most likely have seen at tables or in films.

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European roulette carries the traditional red and black pockets numbered 1 to 36 with an additional green pocket for the zero. French roulette is very similar with the same numbered pockets but a subtle change in the rules allows players to call out ‘La Partage’ before the ball stops. This action means that half of the even money bets are returned to players if the ball lands in the zero.

Finally, American Roulette carries an additional green pocket marked 00 and this increases the house edge slightly. All of these versions are available as live roulette games with

Experience the thrill of real casino with live roulette at live casino

The introduction of live play to an online casino gives players a great experience and it’s one that makes them feel like they are actually at the tables. The live dealer roulette here gives you live croupiers who you can interact with in real time.

There are no graphics or animated sounds; by playing live roulette online you simply get a real wheel and a real live dealer. It’s proved a popular option for all players and can be played at a static PC or on the go via a tablet or mobile device.

What are the roulette odds and win probability?

Roulette odds will vary on which type of bet you like to play. Taking European roulette as our example, you could go for a basic bet of red or black and the chances of you calling right are close to 50/50 (bearing in mind there is the green zero on the table). The same applies to odd or even while at the high risk end, you have a 37 to one chance of calling out the exact number.


There are lots of betting options in-between where the roulette odds are somewhere between those two numbers. High or low, columns, streets and dozens are all involved so, as a basic part of your roulette strategy, be sure to read up on these.

Is there a working roulette strategy?

Players adopt all kinds of strategies when playing live roulette. Many work on mathematical probability that suggests a certain colour or number will eventually have to land in a sequence.

The Hawks system, the D’Alembert System and others are all examples of certain strategies.

Try them out for yourself or simply have fun playing live roulette online